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ChemTrix for iPhone

ChemTrix for iPhone is the best chemistry calculator available for iOS. Since August, 2012, it has been downloaded in excess of 35,000 times. It reached No. 1 in the Reference category of the App Store in six countries, including China. It peaked at No. 5 in the United States and No. 4 in Canada. It maintains a 4.5-star rating across the board.

Enter a formula, and ChemTrix calculates:

  1. Empirical formula
  2. Molar mass (molecular weight)
  3. Monoisotopic (exact) mass
  4. Most probable mass
  5. Isotopic mass distribution
  6. Percentage composition by mass
  7. Mass-moles-molar mass relationships (including unit conversions)
  8. Moles-volume-concentration relationships (including unit conversions)

ChemTrix features:

  1. Quick, simple, and accurate formula entry using natural chemical syntax
  2. A purpose-built keypad, including programmable buttons for even more flexibility and speed
  3. Over thirty pre-programmed organic groups
  4. Over forty pre-programmed polyatomic ions
  5. A history of all entered formulae, any of which can be incorporated as fragments into new formulae
  6. User-defined abbreviations for any formulae
  7. Detailed listings of the properties of all the elements in the periodic table, including electronic configurations, isotopes, electronegativities, and more

ChemTrix for iPad

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